How unconscious bias pervades language and hinders advancement

By Jane Griffith


Unconscious bias is persistent and toxic, pervading our daily interactions even when we think we’ve controlled for it.

Clearing the air around the employment law aspects of legalized marijuana

By Jason Beeho


Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana is here; and – based on the number of calls received from clients on

Improving your workplace training results

By Jeff Thorne


There is a constant declaration that common sense is required in health and safety. But, current accident and incident statistics seem to demonstrate that common sense doesn’t exist.

Creating a high-performance culture

By Hawley Kane


The way we engage with work today has changed. Constant advances in technology, multiple generations and cultures

How can your workplace help?

By Dr. Sam Mikail


Mental health is an invisible illness that impacts the lives of half (49 per cent) of all Canadians.

How organizations cater to Millennials

By Mark Edgar


By 2025, the much discussed Millennial generation will make up 75 per cent of the workforce, making it more important than ever for businesses to ensure this group has what they need to succeed and stay “in the game.” They are an important community of change-makers that should not be overlooked. For HR professionals, this means that enabling a culture of adaptability and openness, while ensuring the employee experience is front and centre, should be priority number one.