By Bill Greenhalgh

Today’s business demands and increased workplace regulatory requirements converge to create the need for a more “professional” human resources profession

By John Izzo

Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, once said (with more colour), “Corporate culture is hard to define, but without it, you ain’t got nothing.”

By Melissa Campeau

When Douglas Conant took on the role of CEO at Campbell Soup Co. in 2001, the company was failing on virtually all fronts. They’d lost half their market value in just one year and takeover rumours were flying.

By Jilaine Parkes

Agreeing and setting goals is essential to ensuring a productive and driven workforce. At the corporate, team and individual levels, goals help provide the direction employees need to succeed and the metrics needed by managers to measure performance.

By Kim Shepherd

Workplace flexibility: it’s a hot phrase right now, buzzing through offices and across industries.

By Sarah B. Hood

Once, Kodak ruled the field of photography. Around the globe, the company name was almost synonymous with “camera,” and Kodak film was universally in demand.