Talent Management

Four ways AI is solving seasonal hiring challenges

By Chris Collins


During this time of the year, many organizations increase their workforce to take into account the demands on their business.

Five ways to boost employee engagement

By Vivian Farris


Engagement, or lack thereof, is a topic that’s always top-of-mind for today’s HR professionals.

Five reasons to hire a boomerang employee

By Derek Smith


It’s no longer commonplace for an employee to stay with one organization for their entire career, nor is it likely they will have just one career throughout their years of employment.

Prioritizing people at all levels is the key to an organization’s success 

By Justin Fragapane

By now, we’re all hopefully aware that the shift toward employee engagement is here to stay.

To attract and retain the best people, you need to stay up to date with employees’ evolving needs

By Darwyne Lang

Millennials aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow – they’re increasingly the leaders of today. They now outnumber Generation X as the most populous group in the workforce, according to Statistics Canada. Since Millennials will represent 75 per cent of the workforce by 2025, understanding what

In this era of tightened belts, organizations are leveraging every tool in the compensation toolkit to attract and retain top talent

By Melissa Campeau

In recent years, the necessity of attracting and retaining top talent has become the mother of HR innovation. Back when direct compensation budgets had more give, outsized salaries and generous raises were the go-to tactic for drawing – and keeping – the best and the brightest.