Will employers ever be ready?

By Paula Allen


Creating new policies and revising existing processes to address new legislation is commonplace in business.

HR is taking on an increasingly strategic role within organizations – and designations are a key factor for success

By Liz Bernier

It’s already apparent that having an HR designation leads to bigger paycheques and faster promotions. There’s more than a $10K jump in median pay for HRPA-certified versus non HRPA-certified HR professionals, according to 2017 Payscale research.

Business leaders speak out about what they want from HR now and in the future

By Sarah B. Hood

As president and CEO of Meridian Credit Union Ltd., Bill Maurin expects his human resources team to be thinking one step ahead of the rest of the company.

A company’s policies can make all the difference during acquisition

By Evert Akkerman

Recently, one company decided against buying another because the organization for sale lacked basic HR structure. Specifically, there were no written employment contracts and policies or a formal performance appraisal process.

Cultivate the human potential of your employees

By Alison Grenier

For years, Great Place to Work® has documented the way high-trust workplaces outpace business rivals. But the latest research shows that what it took to be great 10 or 20 years ago is not good enough anymore.

Bridging the gap between technology and culture

By Alison Grenier

Digital transformation is changing the way we do business in all industries. This is not just about doing what we’ve always done more efficiently, but fully embracing and using technology to unlock new ideas, new markets and new ways of thinking.