The HR Professional June 2018 Issue

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Artificial Intelligence Invasion

With AI set to change everything, here’s what HR leaders can do to prepare the workforce of the future

By Heather Hudson


The world is set to be rocked by an innovation that is “more profound than electricity or fire,” said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, at a Google town hall event in San Francisco in January 2018. “AI (artificial intelligence) is one of the most important things humanity is working on.”



Knowledge is Power

How one company’s management takes intentional steps to allow knowledge to flow freely throughout its organization

By Alison Grenier


Hilti makes and designs products, services and software that power the professional construction industry. Based in more than 120 countries with more than 27,000 team members globally, Hilti excels through outstanding innovation, quality products and direct customer relationships.

Mind Your Mindfulness

Mindfulness at work can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Here’s why. 

By Dr. Geoff Soloway


Thanks to the tireless efforts of numerous mental health leaders, including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Bell Let’s Talk and even Princes William and Harry, the stigma around mental health has been reducing. And not a minute too soon:

Is Domestic Abuse a Workplace Issue?

It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all STAFF members at work

By Jenn Miller


In the past, it was an accepted attitude that domestic violence was a personal problem. What happened in the privacy of one’s home, behind closed doors, was to remain there. In fact, it used to be widely frowned upon to discuss personal issues at work, bring feelings or emotions related to personal problems into the workplace or take time away from the workplace to deal with personal or family-related issues.

The New Cavalry

Put HR front and centre in your cybersecurity line of defense

By Ching Mac


Cybersecurity concerns can bring a chill to even the most accomplished, seasoned business executives. Making the right changes to properly secure an organization can seem daunting and complex because cybersecurity cannot be ignored or neglected. Research shows cybersecurity is a crucial driver of business value. This continues to be reinforced as global scandals around data security are increasingly publicized and as consumers have higher awareness and expectations around privacy and security.

Han Solo, CEO?

Five ways to be a Rebel Leader in the boardroom

By David Solot, Ph.D.


A lot of things come to mind when people think about Han Solo – gambler, smuggler, scoundrel. Yet this all-time favourite Star Wars character doesn’t usually get credit for one of his greatest strengths – leadership.

With the global business climate in a now-constant state of flux, it’s time to rethink some classic views on leadership. Han Solo exemplifies some of the essential characteristics of a modern leader. Here’s how he does it and how any leader can be the next Rebel Leader in the boardroom.

Passing the Torch

With the five-generation workforce and waves of Baby Boomers retiring en masse, institutional knowledge transfer is more important than ever.

Most organizations have processes in place when it comes to retirement or turnover. A turnover document, formal manual on how to perform the job, even one-to-one training if the outgoing and incoming employees overlap in tenure can all be very helpful tools. But in recent years, the knowledge transfer conversation has turned toward the intangibles.