How employers can combat tech addiction

By Michael Serbinis


While the science of tech addiction is still up for debate, there’s no doubt the obsession with screens is real.

Seven key questions for HR tech investment success

By Derek Smith


With an ever-growing HR tech landscape, it can be difficult to identify the platforms that will work for you and help you meet business goals.

Strategy and a focus on outcomes can help organizations reap better rewards from gamification

By Melissa Campeau


A few years ago, U.S. automotive retail chain Pep Boys faced a challenge. Despite plenty of awareness programs, the company couldn’t get their safety and inventory loss numbers where they wanted them to be.

Not sure how to handle upcoming workplace impacts from legalized marijuana use? Ask an artificially intelligent legal tool.

By Benjamin Alarie

Not so long ago, the legalization of recreational marijuana and the practical application of artificial intelligence in human resources seemed like remote possibilities. Yet, as far out as they may seem, these developments are a reality and their impacts on the workplace are imminent.

The leadership succession path is clearer with behavioural analytics

By Doug McCann

It’s 11 o’clock; do you know where your next leader is?

The issue of succession planning continually rises to the top as a hot-button issue for boards, but few executives actually know who their next leader will be. Research conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business shows that less than 50 per cent of Canada’s small to mid-sized (SMEs) businesses have developed a formal succession plan.

Is your workplace ready for remote and flexible work?

By Melissa Campeau

Right now, someone is riding a commuter train and buying groceries on a smartphone. Someone else is streaming a podcast while sitting in a park, and yet another person is checking work emails while sitting on a plane.

In the past few decades, technology has taught us we can do anything, from anywhere. It’s not surprising, then, that growing numbers of people are looking to apply that anything-from-anywhere sensibility to their jobs, as well, with flexible and remote working options.