By Sarah B. Hood

Don’t look now, but the days of the nine-to-five office workplace may already be over. A succession of technological innovations – email, social networking, cloud storage, smartphone innovations, e-readers – has brought about drastic changes in the ways traditional offices work.

By Nicole Summers

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years since the world’s first “smart phone” was released. Back in 1994, the “Simon” offered a touch screen and new “apps” including a calendar, a calculator, a notepad and even fax connectivity.

By Jason Geller

For a century, HR has included an analytical bent, but with the rise of big data, HR is rapidly evolving into a data-driven function that offers significant new opportunities to drive business results.

By Raj Sheth 

Recruiters and HR professionals alike find that their technology quickly becomes outdated. According to a research report published by Bersin earlier this year, about 57 per cent of companies are planning to make a big HR software purchase in the next year and a half, but the already booming HR technology industry is only going to get bigger – and for good reason.

HR Professional

By Peter Smit


Opening the door for new insights

HR Professional

By Mark Bania


Data analytics can strengthen the HR discipline