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Secrets to building a satisfied workforce

By Sandra Lavoy


It’s no secret that employers across Canada are currently having an especially challenging time finding and keeping skilled workers. Low unemployment rates are indicative of a particularly tight hiring market, where job seekers have more career options than ever. Translation? Organizations are competing for talent – and recruiting and retention should be top of mind.

Attract and retain the next generation of rising stars

By Eric Beaudan and Mary Barroll


What makes a potential leader? It is the number one question that most organizations grapple with today. While there is no one predictor that wins out above all, research has revealed that there are specific personality traits that tend to be more present in high-potentials. Despite the emphatic hype, it seems that the younger generation of leaders possesses plenty of high potential talent.

Five insights HR can gain from marketing

By Dr. David Weiss


The human resources profession has undergone major transformation in the past decade, which has delivered much greater value to organizations.

Supporting the mental health of a global workforce

By Jason McCormick


In the last century, the advancement of transportation and communication technology has connected us and created an international community. For companies, this means that a global workforce is necessary to stay competitive in an international marketplace.

When HR and marketing collaborate, big things can happen in your organization

By Heather Hudson


The Popping Bottles celebration started with a simple challenge for the customer success team at technology company BlueCat.

Key points to remember when the Pay Transparency Act, 2018 comes into effect

By Laura Williams


It’s a scenario familiar to any HR professional with experience navigating the employee interview process: