By Heather Hudson

When a Habanero Consulting Group employee returned to her Calgary home days after floodwaters had ravaged the city in June 2013, she found many of her belongings underwater.

HR Professional’s HR Horror Stories Part III contest received more than 25 entries from across Ontario, including many hair-raisers that show how crazy this profession can be. We narrowed down the top five and let HRPA members vote for the three best. Here is what you chose:

By Shawn Murphy

It’s a traditional belief that the needs of the organization trump employees’ needs. This belief has become a barrier for many leaders to adapting a more modern leadership perspective.

By Sarah B. Hood

In 2009, Strandberg Consulting prepared a report for Industry Canada, titled The Role of Human Resource Management in Corporate Social Responsibility.

By Selisse Berry

In 2015, the LGBT community made global strides in terms of acceptance and equality, from public figures identifying as transgender to the U.S. legalizing same-sex marriage.

By Melissa Campeau

In August of 2014, electric carmaker Tesla recruited 30 hackers, full time. Why? They wanted subject-matter experts to poke holes in their network security, so they could repair and improve an already industry-leading product.