Published Articles

August 2017

  • The Link Between Culture and Customer

    What does HR have to do with customer experience? More than you may think.

    By Karen Stone, CHRE

    We know that the role of human resources includes stewarding effective recruitment functions, professional career development and performance management programs within the workplace.

    And yet many of us may not often consider HR’s contribution and impact on the day-to-day experience of the clients, customers and business partners in workplaces.

  • New “Tort of Harassment” Allows Employees to Sue for Damages

    Recent ruling on harassment by the Ontario Superior Court is a wakeup call for employers

    By Donna Marshall, M.A.

    Employers in Ontario are at greater risk of litigation from employees who have been harassed in their workplace. Referred to as the “tort of harassment” and “harassment as an independent cause of action,” the Superior Court ruling makes it easier for employees to sue their employer for damages resulting from harassment.

  • Front-Line Staff & Customer Relations

    The link between employee training and corporate culture, and how that impacts your customer base

    By Belika Stein

    After a year and a half of dedicated training and eating right, 21-year-old Jamie Kraig had gone from a size 18 to a size 8. Ready to purchase a pair Lululemon pants that until now she “never felt she deserved,” Kraig confidently walked into a Lululemon retail store in Ohio.

    “I transformed my body, and therefore transformed my selfesteem,” said Kraig.

    Having tried on a pair she liked, she then received unsolicited feedback from store staff.

  • The Redefined Role of Sales and What it Means for the HR Professional

    Recruiting, retaining, training and assessing your organization’s sales force in the new world of work

    By Tom Schoenfelder, Ph.D.

    The rapidly evolving world of sales is causing significant changes in how companies hire and train their sales force. Because today’s buyers are much more aware of features and benefits, alternative offerings and reviews from other customers, salespeople must now add value by conveying much deeper knowledge of the needs of the client organization, competitor activity, trends in the customer’s own client base and how the product or

  • Common Mistakes on the Record of Employment

    And how to avoid them

    By Janet Spence, CPM

    The Record of Employment (ROE) provides the most important information for the Employment Insurance (EI) program and is used to process EI benefits, determine claim duration, payment rates and entitlements.  

    An ROE must be issued by an employer when an employee has an interruption of earnings of seven consecutive calendar days, or in the case where their salary falls below 60 per cent of regular weekly earnings as a result of illness, injury,

  • Emotional Resilience, Deconstructed

    Focus on psychological capital to improve performance

    By Rumeet Billan

    Resilience is a reactive state. It occurs after a positive or negative situation has been experienced, and focuses on how one responds to that situation. Those who are resilient are able to take a positive experience and use it to help build their self-efficacy, hope and optimism, which are the key components of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) according to Dr. Fred Luthans.

  • Printer's Remorse

    Five signs your company isn’t doing enough to join the digital age

    By Mohan Mailvaganam

    As the work world around us speeds into the digital age, more of us are beginning to feel printer’s remorse.

    We get the email with a document attached from a colleague or a client. We open it and read it on our computer screen. And then – for a variety of reasons that usually can’t be justified – we hit print.

  • Your True Intelligence

    If you want to guarantee growth, prosperity and an inclusive, diverse company culture, gender intelligence must be part of your strategy

    By Jess Campbell

    Imagine the world’s most popular manufacturer of mobile devices and technology. Every day, this company sells millions of pieces of technology, having spent years to ensure its perfection. One day, a news story breaks concerning the way that technology responds to some very specific questions. Users can tell their technology that they might be having a heart attack; that technology tells them

  • Meet the HR Influencers: Anthea Gomez, CHRE

    Professional evolution

    By Lisa Gordon

    From the launch of her human resources career in South Africa to her current position as director of HR and corporate services at Express Scripts Canada, Anthea Gomez has been guided by professionalism, an enthusiastic desire to learn and the pursuit of innovation in the workplace.