The HR Professional September 2018 Issue

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Latest Stories

Remote Work

 Is it time to offer  this employee perk?

 By Michael French


Talented professionals are dedicated to their careers, but they prefer to work for employers that support their efforts to have a fulfilling personal life as well.


Meet the HR Influencers:  Maura Richardson, CHRE

By Lisa Gordon


Since 1991, Maura Richardson has been creating human resources strategy and driving execution for top consumer brands such as Estée Lauder, Shoppers Drug Mart, L Brands and Sephora.

Effective Instruction

Improving your workplace training results

By Jeff Thorne


There is a constant declaration that common sense is required in health and safety. But, current accident and incident statistics seem to demonstrate that common sense doesn’t exist.

Looking Up

How employers can combat tech addiction

By Michael Serbinis


While the science of tech addiction is still up for debate, there’s no doubt the obsession with screens is real.

Automatic Engagement

Four ways AI is solving seasonal hiring challenges

By Chris Collins


During this time of the year, many organizations increase their workforce to take into account the demands on their business.

Recruiting and Retaining Changemakers

How to recognize and reward entrepreneurial behaviour

By Kathy Enros


The term “startup culture” is often used when referring to the cliché garage-based company in its infancy stages.

The Thinking Rethink

Increasing demands on HR professionals means it’s more important than ever to set aside some time to disconnect and reflect 

By Dan Pontefract



It is getting worse and worse. It’s become a modern day form of insanity. The freneticism. The peripatetic state of HR.