Published Articles

February 2018

  • Counting on Compensation Trends

    By Karen Stone, CHRE

    The human resources area of compensation practice is a vastly different place than it was just two decades ago. The emergence of new thinking has led us to create many new best practices that have resulted in more transparency and equitable pay practices in many businesses today.

  • Departing Employees and Workplace Investigations

    Computer forensics and legal implications

    By Aniko Kiss and Matthew Law

    Companies frequently have to deal with departing employees who try to take confidential information to a competitor and/or use the company’s confidential information to poach its clients and customers.

  • Putting the Benefit Back into Drug Plans

    Why employers need to embrace change as drug spending increases

    By Helen Stevenson

    Benefit plans are a zero-sum game: there are a finite number of resources to go around. As drug spending in Canada increases, the sustainability of drug plans is at risk.

  • Going Global

    How blockchain speeds up the insurance process

    By Corinne MacMillan

    Imagine the following scenario: you’re on a business trip in Brazil. Everything is going well, until you slip and fall. You’re in a lot of pain. You immediately call your travel insurance provider and ask for the nearest hospital in their network.

  • Getting Ahead of the Curve

    HR trends to watch in 2018

    By Jen Wetherow

    Our workplaces and the nature of work itself are changing rapidly. Your ability to stay ahead of the curve has deep implications for the long-term success of your organization.

  • The Benefits of Business Travel Reach Beyond the Bottom Line

    Many employees now view business travel as an added benefit to the job

    By Ripsy Bandourian

    Face-to-face meetings are the lifeblood of any business – whether they serve the purpose of strengthening client relationships, securing new business leads or collaborating with colleagues overseas.

  • Wage Gap Adjustments Don’t Address the Root Cause of Inequality

    Organizations need a more integrated approach

    By Alison Grenier

    Oprah Winfrey. Meryl Streep. Charlize Theron. These are just a few of many prominent women trying to raise awareness of the gender-pay gap in society. And initiatives like HeForShe have created a platform for men, as well as women, to speak on issues including the pay gap on a global platform.

  • Employers, Use the Impending Legalization of Marijuana to Your Advantage

    Plan ahead to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities

    By Angelo Carofano, MBA, CPA, CMA

    The conversation surrounding the likely legalization of marijuana by July 2018 opens the door to a broader conversation surrounding drugs and alcohol for employers.

  • Meet the HR Influencers: Anna Chartres, CHRE

    A Passion for Variety

    By Lisa Gordon

    Like many human resources professionals, Anna Chartres fell into the occupation, discovering a passion for it while working at a hotel in her native New Zealand. After moving to Canada in 1989, she worked in various progressive positions before joining Fairmont Hotels 20 years ago.

  • Second-class Salaries

    The Gender Pay Gap has been making headlines for decades – so how much progress has been made?

    By Liz Bernier

    Seventy-four cents on the dollar. That’s a figure cited almost endlessly in conversation about the Gender Pay Gap. For every dollar earned by a male worker, a female worker earns an average of 74 cents.

  • Does Money Talk?

    In this era of tightened belts, organizations are leveraging every tool in the compensation toolkit to attract and retain top talent

    By Melissa Campeau

    In recent years, the necessity of attracting and retaining top talent has become the mother of HR innovation. Back when direct compensation budgets had more give, outsized salaries and generous raises were the go-to tactic for drawing – and keeping – the best and the brightest.